1. What is the system requirement forNEO Wi-Fi Switch?

If you use Android smart devices, make sure the Android systemis above 4.0. If you use Apple smart devices, make sure the iOS system is above 6.0.

2. How do I find the app for my Android and IOS devices?

For Android devices, search "ANKUOO" in Google Play and install the app named "NEO". For iOS devices, search "ANKUOO" in App Store and install the app named "NEO".

3. What is router's setting?

a) Make sure the"AP isolation" function is deactivated on your router.
b) The router is 2.4G802.11 b/g/n supported.
c) Make sure no extra log in page is required on browser after your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

4. Why is the Internet configuration failed?
a) Make sure the Wi-Fi indicator is rapid flashing after the on/off button on the device is long pressed, and then start the configuration process.
b) Make sure your phone is connected to your router's 2.4G network.
c) Check whether the Wi-Fi indicator starts flashing slowly after you press "connect" on smart devices: if it does, the configuration process has been activated and the device is trying to connect to the router; if the Wi-Fi indicator keeps rapid flashing and does not enter the state of slow flashing, then the configuration is not activated.
d) If the Wi-Fi indicator keeps slow flashing, until the app shows "connection to Internet failed" :
   a. Press the on/off button for more than 5 seconds until the Wi-Fi indicator starts to flash quickly. This restores factory settings.
   b. If the issue still exists, check whether your phone is connected to the router properly. You may try to open a web page or other app on your smart device to make sure your phone is online normally.
   c. Check the box of "show the password" on the configuration page and make sure the password is correct for your Wi-Fi network (wrong password is a very common issue).
   d. Make sure there are not too many devices connected to your router at the same time. You may temporarily turn off some other devices connected to the router and turn them back on again after the configuration is complete.
   e.Router wireless network mode
5. My phone is connected to 5G network on my router. Will NEO configure?
No. You should connect your phone to your 2.4G network on your router. NEO will only work on 2.4G. This also applies to all other home automation productsfrom other companies.
6. Should I use 2.4G or 5G wireless band?

You should use 2.4G.
2.4G and 5G are the wireless radio frequencies of routers. A router that has both 2.4G and 5G is called dual-band router. If you have a dual-band router, you should check and make sure your phone is connected to 2.4G network for configuration.

7. Where do I find out if my network is 2.4G or 5G?
It varies by routers. Usually you will find the settings in wireless -> radio -> band. For Apple routers, 2.4G is at the default Wireless page, and 5G is at Wireless -> Wireless Network Options.
8. Should I have a hard reboot? How to perform a hard reboot?
If NEO failed to configure aftertrying all above steps in question 4, you may need a hard reboot:
a) Unplug NEO from the power socket and plug it back in again; then long press the on/off buttonuntil the Wi-Fi indicator starts to flash quickly.
b) Switch off router and turn it back on.
If the connection still fails, use other routers or use yourmobile phone as Wi-Fi hotspot to try again.
9. Can other people control my device? How to guarantee the Internet safety?
Other people have to know the password to access yourWi-Fi network. Also, NEO a Visible/Invisible button to make it "invisible" to other people. You may use this function at the setup stage. When the device is connected to your Wi-Fi network, a top level encryption isused to ensure device’s safe connection to the Internet.
10. What is the Visible/Invisible button for?
If you click the Visible/Invisible button and set it as "Invisible" during setup stage, no other smart devices will see it later even they are in the same Wi-Fi network. Thus make this NEO "invisible".
11. I clicked the Visible/Invisible button, but my other phone still can control this NEO. Why?
The button has to be clicked and set to "Invisible" before your other device sees it. Once your other device sees it (from NEO app), it will have the NEO's profile and be able to control it. 
12. Can I control many NEO Wi-Fi Switches in the same app?
Yes. You can add multipleNEO Wi-Fi Switcheson your Android or iOS devicesin the same app and define their names and imagesin the device information page. One smart devicecan control up to 30 devices.
13. Is it possible to controlaNEO Wi-Fi Switchwith multipleAndroid or iOS devices?
Yes, NEO switch can be added and controlled by multiple smart devices. But only one smart device can control Wi-Fi Switch at a given time.
14. Do I have to set NEO again when I want it to be controlled by my other smartphone?
No. You only need to set up NEO once. All other smart devices in the same Wi-Fi network will automatically have NEO shown in their NEO apps.
15. How many sets of timer can I set up?
Up to 16 sets.
16. I have noticed that sometimes there are 1-2 minutes timer delays.
The clock of NEO Wi-Fi Switch is based on standard timing on cloud server and not your local iOS/Android device.1-2 minutes timer delay is perfectly normal.
17. Does NEO Wi-Fi Switch work if I don't have a Wi-Fi router or my router is disconnected from the Internet?
No. The configuration of NEO and all settings made on NEO app are only possible via Wi-Fi network connected to the Internet. Furthermore, if there a change of SSID or password on your Wi-Fi router, NEO has to be reconfigured.
18. I have changed my router’s SSID or password. Should I configure NEO again?
19. I want to turn off my router when I’m not at home, will NEO still work?
No. The router needs to be turned on for NEO to function properly.
20. How do I update the firmware of NEO Wi-Fi Switch?
If there is a new firmware, NEO Wi-Fi Switch will update itself automatically in the midnight to ensure better user experience. You can also update it manually in the app.
21. Is there a limitation on my router's password length?
Up to 32 characters.
22. I'm using Airport Extreme router with WAP2 Personal for wireless security. I can't get NEO connected.
You should change the wireless security from WPA2 Personal to WPA/WPA2 Personal (which is the router's default setting).
23. Is there an app for windows phone?
24. After pressing the on/off button, my NEO flashes 4 times, and then pause. What is happening?
You are entering AP mode, which is not the right mode for connecting. You would need to press and hold the on/off button longer to get it flash quickly.
25. Does NEO consume any energy when not in use?
NEO works the same way as other home network equipment, such as routers. They are usually turned on most of the time, even when they're not in use. NEO consumes about 1.5 watts.
26. Can I run devices in several different homes on different networks from the same iPhone/iPad?
Yes, you can. 
All NEO devices are shown and can be controlled on the same NEO app, even when they are from different homes and/or on different networks. The ones in local network are marked with "local". Typical scenario is that you have three NEOs in different places: one in your home; one in your office; and one in your vacation home.All three NEOs will be shown on your NEO app from your iPhone/iPad, and you can monitor and control them from anywhere at any time with an Internet connection.
27. Where I live the power goes off every day, will NEO keep the schedule program and Wi-Fi access even if the power goes off?
Yes. All schedules are stored in cloud servers, not your local smart devices or router. Therefore the program will function normally even the power goes off during the day. As far as you have the same router with the same SSID/password, NEO will reconnect to the router every time when the power comes back.
28. Does it work for Split/Ductless Air Conditioner or Portable A/C?
If the A/C only has a mechanical switch control to turn it on/off, NEO Switch would work perfectly. If the A/C gets reset when unplugged, and wouldn't get back running before using touch control or infrared control (remote), then NEO Switch wouldn't be a match for this use.
29. My NEO doesn't blink no matter how long I hold the button.
You should try manual mode to see if there is power on the outlet.  That is: click the on/off button to see it switches on or off. You should see the LED light/indicator goes on and off, and you should hear a clicking sound from the relay.
30. Can I use NEO at a Starbucks or an airport?
Usually Starbucks or airport has a login webpage. Therefore, NEO cannot be used there.
31. My company has a login webpage for Wi-Fi network. Will NEO work?
32. My NEO already flashes quickly when I first plug it in. Should I press and reset it in order to configure it?
No. If NEO flashes quickly, you can go ahead and configure it without pressing the button. If it does not, or you want to reconfigure it, you need to press and hold the button for about 5 seconds to make it flash quickly, and then configure it.
33. I have a NEO PRO, and I downloaded the app before I received it. Should I download the app again?
We update the NEO app periodically withbug fixes and performanceimprovements. You should always check the App Store or Play Store andmake sure you have the latest versioninstalled.
34. What is anti-theft timer?
Anti-theft timer is a special timer to create a live-in look for your security when you are away from home or on vacation. The anti-theft timer turns on/off the switch certain times randomly during a given time period.
35. How does anti-theft timer work?
Anti-theft timer has three settings: from/to time; on/off times and repeat day. "From/to" sets the time period that you want the anti-theft timer to work; "on/off times" sets how many times the switch will turn on/off; "repeat day" sets the days you want the timer to work in a week.
For example, if you set: from 18:00 to 22:00, 5 times on Monday and Tuesday. The anti-theft timer will switch on/off 5 times randomly during 18:00 to 22:00 on every Monday and Tuesday.
36. I have set a schedule timer and an anti-theft timer. Why the schedule timer did not work?
The anti-theft timer has the highest priority. Therefore, when anti-theft is set and working, the other two timers, schedule and countdown, will not work.
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